Your vehicle’s exhaust system and emission control system work together to control the harmful gases and pollutants that your vehicle emits, as well as regulate the noise made by your car. An efficient exhaust system creates a healthier environment and makes your car quieter while driving down the road.

There are five main parts in a typical exhaust system, and they all need to be functioning properly in order to ensure your safety:

Exhaust Manifold: Responsible for venting gases from the engine into one pipe, and burning any leftover fuel not burned properly by the engine.

Oxygen Sensor: Sends oxygen level readings to the car’s computer, which then regulates fuel for optimal efficiency.

Exhaust Pipes: Carries exhaust through the entire system, from the manifold at the front to its exit at the tailpipe.

Catalytic Converter: Reduces the car’s harmful emissions by converting carbon monoxide and other gases into carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Muffler: Reduces the volume of the exhaust system’s loud combustion noises.


Factory Exhaust System Repairs & Replacements

Catalytic Converters
Emission Components
Flex Couplers
Intermediate Pipe
Exhaust Pipes and Hangers
Exhaust Manifolds
Exhaust Manifold Gasket Replacement
Resurface Exhaust Manifolds
Bend to Fit/Match

Custom & Performance System Repairs & Installation

Performance Exhaust Systems
High-Flow Catalytic Converters
Custom Pipe Bending up to 3”
Dual Exhaust Systems
Mid-Range & Ultra Performance Mufflers
Y-Pipes & H-pipes
1-3/4” to 3” exhaust
Chrome and Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips


Changes in the way your vehicle smells or sounds could be symptoms of an exhaust issue. Left unchecked, exhaust system issues can quickly become a serious problem.  For the safety of yourself and your passengers, look out for these warning signs that your exhaust system needs attention: Sweet or sharp odors noticeable inside the car Rattling, clunking or thumping coming from under your car Popping or clicking sounds coming from the engine Increase in volume of the noise from your car, especially when accelerating Increase in exhaust coming from the tail pipe Reduced fuel efficiency.

If your car is experiencing exhaust system and/or muffler problems, the ASE certified technicians at Merican Muffler can replace or repair your exhaust system components and get you back on the road in a safe, quiet, fuel-efficient car. Use the appointment request form on this page, or contact us at 336-294-5970.  At Merican Muffler, you can always count on straightforward advice, superior service, and the lowest prices on high quality brand name exhaust parts – guaranteed.